October 30, 2016

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Job Description

A chiropractor is responsible for examining and treating back and neck abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system. Traditionally, chiropractors focused primarily on spinal manipulation, but some modern chiropractors provide ultrasound, massage and acupuncture treatments as well.

Chiropractors evaluate a patients medical history and use x-rays to identify existing spinal problems in need of adjustment. A chiropractor manipulates bones in the body, using equipment, or hands-on techniques to adjust the position of bones for pain relief.


In the United States, the average annual salary starts at $39,575 for new chiropractors entering the field. The maximum average salary in this profession tops out at $150,570. The salary of a chiropractor depends largely on whether an individual works for a small practice, purchases a practice to run, or works for a large practice with lots of clientele. The size of clientele and the costs buying a practice impact the annual salary.

Chiropractor Salary Statistics as of 2015

Median annual salary for a Chiropractor is $70,629 based on statistics in the U.S. as of 2015. The highest salary recorded was salaryHigh. The lowest salary reported was $32,837. These figures will vary on a state to state basis as these are averages across all 50 states.

Median hourly wage for a Chiropractor is $41 based on statistics in the U.S. as of 2015. The highest hourly wage recorded was $62. The lowest hourly wage recorded was $20. These figures will vary on a state to state basis as these are averages across all 50 states.

Bonuses for a Chiropractor are based on the years of experience using statistics from the U.S. as of 2015. The biggest bonus recorded was $2,687 from someone with 15+ years of experience. The smallest bonus recorded was $570 from someone with under 1 year of experience.

These are the top 5 highest paying states for a Chiropractor. These numbers are based off the median annual salary as of 2015.
1. California – $34,928 – $135,000
2. Texas – $34,685 – $76,841
3. Illinois – $23,672 – $103,903
4. New York – $27,221 – $123,291
5. Florida – $39,305 – $99,612

These are the top 5 highest paying cities for a Chiropractor. These numbers are based off the median annual salary as of 2015.
1. Chicago, Illinois – $34,521 – $178,175
2. Los Angeles, California – $34,905 – $154,563
3. ciHouston, Texas – $24,000 – $74,000
4. Dallas, Texas – $35,880 – $96,958
5. Columbus, Ohio – $40,360 – $106,523

This chart outlines the average annual salary of a Chiropractor from the past 5 years. In 2015 the average annual salary was $58,175 while in 2008 it was just $54,800

Specialized Fields

  • Sports Medicine: Sports medicine chiropractors treat spine, muscle and bone injuries in athletes through massage therapy, thermotherapy and stretching exercises.
  • Radiology: A chiropractic radiologist uses ultrasound technology to diagnose bone or spinal issues.
  • Chiropractic Neurology: A chiropractic neurologist focuses on musculoskeletal problems associated with the brain.
  • Chiropractic Teaching: Experienced, well-schooled chiropractors can become an educator for a chiropractic school. This career allows chiropractors to pass along their knowledge and expertise to aspiring students.
  • Researcher: A researcher studies and evaluates chiropractic treatments to come up with possible field improvements. A researcher usually works in the research department for a university.

Work Environment

Most chiropractors are self-employed and work in a solo practice or group practice. Newly graduated chiropractors begin their career working for a recognized chiropractor as an associate, before opening, or purchasing a practice from a retiring chiropractor. Chiropractors mostly work in clean, air conditioned clinics, or offices, communicating with patients and office staff on a daily basis.

While some chiropractors work part-time, the majority work on a full time schedule, five days per week and eight to ten hours per day. Patient appointments are typically scheduled during the day, evenings and on Saturday. The chiropractic profession usually involves frequent standing throughout the work day and the use of the hands to treat the neck and back of patients.

How To Become A Chiropractor

In order to enter the chiropractic profession, it is necessary to earn a Science Degree in Chiropractic Science. Additionally, a Bachelor’s Degree in science is needed, as well as four years of study at a chiropractic school. In the United States, four years of chiropractic schooling is expected to become a requirement for entering the profession. Through four years of schooling, the student earns a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. All together, it will take no less than eight years of schooling to become a professional chiropractor.

There are only 17 chiropractic schools in the United States, which increases the likelihood that a student will need out-of-state schooling. There are also chiropractic schools located in Canada, but not many. Most chiropractors spend $20,000 to $30,000 per year on schooling, which comes out to a total expense of $160,000 to $240,000 for eight years of completed schooling. Chiropractic colleges usually offer job placement services for alumni. New chiropractors usually work for an established practice as an independent contractor first, or buy an existing practice.

Job Outlook

The future job growth for chiropractors looks very positive in the long-term. Chiropractor employment is expected to increase 28 percent between 2015 and 2020, which is higher than the average for all other professions. There is an increasing patient interest in chiropractic care, due to its non-surgical, drug-free treatment.

Additionally, more insurance companies are beginning to include chiropractic care in their plans and policies, which allows a greater number of people to use these services. The aging baby-boom generation also plays a role in future job growth, because older people develop back problems and need chiropractic treatment.

Gender Statistics

Chiropractor Health Benefits



Based on our stats gathered across the U.S. 74% of Chiropractors were females while only 26% were males. These numbers are based on averages across all states combined. Some individual states may have a much different ratio however.
Health: 36%
Dental: 16%

Eye: 12%
None: 63%

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