About Us

JobStat.net is a website that provides statistical data and information on all careers from all industries. Our goal with this website is to provide both individuals and corporations with accurate and up to date information and data.

We have analysed every career and compiled a professional outline which covers the job description, salary (high, low, median), hourly rate (high, low, median), bonuses, highest paying states,  highest paying cities, history, specialized fields, work environment, job outlook, gender statistics, how to become a,  and finally job listings.





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Whether you’re considering a job offer, or looking for a job we have you covered. We offer statistics ranging from median salary across the U.S., the highest paying states and cities for that job, historical salaries and much more. Other important information is provided like job descriptions, outlook, work environment and requirements. You can even find related job listings at the bottom of each respective job page. Compare your numbers to national averages across the U.S. Not sure if you’re paying too much or too little? We have you covered. Want to post a job offer or advertise with us? Use our contact us page. All data provided on JobStat.net is a combination of our own independently gathered statistics based on extensive data research to get an incredibly large sample size. This helps provide more realistic and accurate averages across the entire U.S.